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  • Who is Indesit Company?
    Indesit Company is one of the European leading manufacturers and distributors of major domestic appliances (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cookers, hoods, ovens and hobs). It is the undisputed leader in major markets such as Italy, the UK and Russia. Founded in 1975 and listed on the Milan stock exchange since 1987, the Group posted sales of €2.8 billion in 2011. Indesit Company has 8 industrial areas (in Italy, Poland, the UK, Russia and Turkey) and 16,000 employees. The Group’s main brands are Indesit, Hotpoint and Scholtès.
  • What are the main milestones in Indesit Company’s history?
    1930 incorporation of Industrie Merloni
    1958 birth of the Ariston brand
    1970 Aristide Merloni creates three business units which assigns to his sons: the hygienic sanitary division goes to Francesco, the mechanical one to Antonio and the household appliances to Vittorio
    1975 incorporation of Merloni Elettrodomestici
    1987 listing on the Milan stock exchange
    1987 acquisition of Indesit
    1997 appointment of its first external CEO
    2000 acquisition of Stinol in Russia
    2001 acquisition of GDA and the Hotpoint brand in the UK
    2002 publication of the first sustainability report in the sector
    2004 opening of two new plants, one in Russia and one in Poland.
    2005 Merloni Elettrodomestici becomes Indesit Company, celebrates its first 30 years and opens the biggest logistics pole in the European white goods industry, in Lipetzk
    2007 Indesit Company presents the new Group brand architecture: the Hotpoint and Ariston brands form Hotpoint-Ariston
    2008 opening of two new plants in Radomsko for washing machines and dryers and for dishwashers
    2010 Andrea Merloni is appointed Chairman, succeeding, after 35 years, his father Vittorio, who becomes honorary Chairman
  • What is Indesit Company’s philosophy?
    "There is no value in any industrial enterprise unless there is also commitment to social progress."
    (Aristide Merloni, 1967)
    This is Indesit Company’s philosophy, the spirit that has guided it in all its decisions and continues to be its inspiration everyday. A deep sense of social and environmental responsibility permeates every aspect of Indesit Company’s industrial policy, translating into a commitment to fostering social well being in all the communities where it works. In practice, this means creating and maintaining conditions that favour socially responsible conduct in every sphere of activity.

    "To be the leading European producer of environmentally compatible technological solutions that create quality of time for people everyday."
  • What are Indesit Company’s values?
    Indesit Company is determined to improve everyday in everything it does. This ambition is underpinned by five values that together reflect what it means to be part of Indesit Company:


    because everything Indesit Company does shows the creativity and spirit of initiative of people who strive for and apply innovation in everything they do.


    because Indesit Company’s priority is to be sensitive and responsible towards consumers, employees and the environment.


    because Indesit Company’s capacity to improve everyday is based on passionate enthusiasm for excellence and leadership.

    in touch

    with others because constant dialogue with its stakeholders enables Indesit Company to listen to their needs, provide the most effective solutions and achieve the best results.


    because Indesit Company is open, transparent and genuine and enjoys working with a straightforward, dynamic and flexible attitude.
  • What are Indesit Company’s main brands?
    Indesit Company produces and distributes around 15 million home appliances a year worldwide. Its main brands are Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston and Scholtès.


    The Indesit philosophy is that life should be devoted to chasing the extraordinary; that's why its innovative appliances with technological solutions aim to do the housework in a smart and efficient way, enabling the consumers to simplify and fully enjoy their time. Indesit appliances are modern with a distinctive design; an expression of consumer life-style. Indesit is all about smart solutions for enjoying contemporary life.
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    Home is the place where you are free to be yourself and express yourself. Hotpoint helps people make their home a uniquely rewarding experience by offering appliances ergonomic, silentrunning and intuitive, which offer much more than just the certainty of a flawless performance.
    "Our ideas. Your home" expresses the brand’s desire to offer its consumers solutions that spring from a deep understanding of what they’re looking for in their home.
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    Scholtès products embody the essence of the brand: “Recognized professionalism”. Only Scholtès provides demanding users with truly innovative, perfectly designed machines. Their sophisticated style goes hand-in-hand with professional performance. Appliances like these make users proud: of their talent, of the perfect results they get, of their houses and lifestyles. These products are immediately recognized as coming from Scholtès. They are true icons, standard-bearers for uncompromising quality and professionalism. They speak volumes about their owners.
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  • What are Indesit Company’s products?
    Indesit Company’s products are: fridges, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, cookers, hobs, ovens, microwaves, hoods and dishwashers.
  • Where does Indesit Company operate?
    With its leadership in the UK, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine and neighbouring states and its highly competitive presence in key markets like France, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece, Indesit Company has always seen internationalization as its development model, also beyond Europe. The Company has 24 sales branches across five continents.
  • In what countries does Indesit Company have industrial operations?
    The Group’s industrial operations are concentrated in five countries:
    - Italy: six plants (cooking products: Albacina, Melano; washing products: Comunanza, Teverola; cooling products: Carinaro; dishwashers: None).
    - Poland: four plants (cooking and cooling products: Lodz; washing machines, dryers and dishwashers: Radomsko).
    - UK: one plant (washing products: Yate).
    - Russia: two plants (washing and cooling products: Lipetzk).
    - Turkey: one plant (cooling products: Manisa).
  • How many people does Indesit Company employ worldwide?
    Indesit Company has 16,100 employees worldwide.
  • Who are Indesit Company's shareholders?
    Indesit Company’s main shareholders are: Vittorio Merloni, Ester Merloni, M. Cecilia Lazzarini, Claudia Merloni.
  • What were Indesit Company’s main financial results in 2011?
    Profit & loss- € ml 2011*
    Net sales 2,825
    EBITDA 263
    EBIT 150
    PBT 113
    Net profit of the Group 59
    Balance Sheet- € ml 2011
    Net working capital (25)
    Net financial indebtness 218
    Total shareholders'equity 554
    *Preliminary results
  • Who are Indesit Company’s stakeholders?
    People: everyone who has a relationship of employment or collaboration involving subordination, including agents and those who represent Indesit Company to the outside world and manage relations with stakeholders.
    Retailers: from big distribution chains to small retailers.
    Consumers: the end purchasers of Indesit Company products.
    Suppliers: providers of the raw materials, components, machinery, equipment, goods and services the Group needs.
    Shareholders: holders of Indesit Company shares, including institutional investors in Italy and abroad.
    Banks: banks and other finance houses that provide the Group with financial backing;
    Public administration: national government, local government agencies and institutions.
    Community: non-profit organizations, associations, the academic community, end users of domestic appliances and all members of the general public with whom the Group has actual or potential relations.
    Media: journalists with whom the Group has relations.
    Environment: both the territories in which the Group has its manufacturing capacity and the wider ecological dimension (extending to future generations as well) potentially affected by Indesit Company products.
  • How can I contact Indesit Company for information I can’t find online?
    Press Office Contacts

    External Communications & Press Office manager
    Ph. +39 0732 66 2432 - +39 0732 66 2356 Fax +39 0732 63 2380

    Viale Aristide Merloni, 47
    60044 Fabriano (AN) - Italy
    Switchboard: +39 0732 66 11
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