Social responsibility

Indesit Company has built a business model which, besides economic and social performance, also takes into account social and environmental performance. Combining these three aspects means to guide the business towards a sustainable development that will affect positively the areas in which the Group operates.

Social responsibility is not only a duty towards future generations, but is also the main avenue to inspire confidence and credibility in the stakeholders and to create value and competitive edge in a medium and long-term perspective.

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Sustainability Report 2013

Indesit Company’s Sustainability Report is an instrument of reporting and communication on the business processes deemed of most significance for the industry and stakeholders and is designed to represent the Group’s sustainability policies and activities.
The Report details the main indicators of economic, social and environmental performance in 2013.

The 2013 Sustainability Report was drawn up as recommended in the sustainability reporting guidelines (GRI–G3) defined by the Global Reporting Initiative in 2006. The GRI-G3 guidelines contemplate three levels of reporting reflecting breadth of content covered, levels which may be qualified by a + sign if the report is audited by an independent 3rd party organisation. In 2013, Indesit Company attained application level A+.

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