Indesit is products and solutions that simplify life. We believe in technology that’s avant-garde but close to consumers’ needs and capable of offering efficient solutions that satisfy real necessities, are immediately recognizable and usable, and bring savings in terms of effort, time and resources. This is why our anchor points, the qualities that give our products their force and value, are efficiency, reliability and functionality. These are the foundations that make it possible to offer all that’s needed and only what’s needed. As simple as that.


Home is the place where you are free to be yourself and express yourself. Hotpoint helps people make their home a uniquely rewarding experience by offering appliances ergonomic, silentrunning and intuitive, which offer much more than just the certainty of a flawless performance.
"Our ideas. Your home" expresses the brand’s desire to offer its consumers solutions that spring from a deep understanding of what they’re looking for in their home.


Scholtès products embody the essence of the brand: “Recognized professionalism”. Only Scholtès provides demanding users with truly innovative, perfectly designed machines. Their sophisticated style goes hand-in-hand with professional performance. Appliances like these make users proud: of their talent, of the perfect results they get, of their houses and lifestyles. These products are immediately recognized as coming from Scholtès. They are true icons, standard-bearers for uncompromising quality and professionalism. They speak volumes about their owners.

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